Is Your Hiring Process Like The Mullet?

Remember mullets? The iconic “business in front, party in back” hairstyle was once  worn by pop stars, all the cool kid in the 80s, and even the irrepressible David Bowie. But eventually the mullet fell out of favor, along with disco and parachute pants. Today, the mullet is a cautionary tale and a stark reminder about not confusing ‘classic’ with ‘trendy’. There are still occasional sightings, typically at Journey tribute band concerts, but this much maligned hairdon’t has mostly been relegated to the past.

Now think about this: your company’s hiring process is probably just as outdated as a mullet. If you’re using the exact same methods to hire employees as you did thirty years ago, it’s time for an update. Here are some sure signs your hiring process is a mullet.

•    You still review resumés

It’s doubtful we will ever be rid of resumés, and as a snapshot of a candidate’s previous work experience, they can be useful. But it’s impossible to really determine whether or not a candidate has the motivation or temperament for the job. And yet many companies still use resumés to determine if a candidate will get to the next step, which brings us to…

•    You’re still doing phone screens

Apple just announced the release of its latest version of the iPhone. During its annual keynote address, CEO Tim Cook talked about the amazing new camera system, the long battery life, the awesome stereo speakers, and the fact that it’s water resistant. You know what he never mentioned? That fact that it’s a phone. It’s the last thing anyone thinks about because in the digital age, connections happen online, not on the phone. However, most companies still play phone tag trying to screen candidates and setup interviews. Hashtag old school.

•    Your hiring team does all the work

Most hiring teams are comprised of HR staff, recruiters, hiring managers, and occasionally peers. All of these team members have multiple responsibilities in addition to hiring. Most active job seekers, however, typically have one main goal – getting a job. Not only do they have the time and motivation to drive the hiring process, but today’s candidates expect to be engaged and they want a chance to step up and be recognized. Even though the hiring team is responsible for filling the position, job seekers should be accountable for the tasks required to get it.

The way companies recruit and hire employees is terribly outdated and woefully inefficient. Why? After all, no one would be caught dead wearing a mullet in 2016 (not even this guy). So why use the same hiring process that existed when mullets were in vogue? It’s time to fast-forward recruiting from the era of mullets and Miami Vice to where it should be: the present. 

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