What NBC’s Olympic Coverage Can Teach You About Recruiting

The Rio Olympics took place in front of 78,000 live spectators and was watched by well over 33.4 million viewers on NBC. As usual, the games have been a showcase for the most talented athletes from scores of countries competing in a plethora of events, some of which we only get to see televised every four years (equestrian dressage anyone?). NBC paid over $1 billion dollars for broadcasting rights, and whether they would be able to get maximum return on this investment has been a discussion point for months. So, why is NBC delivering coverage of the Olympics the same way it has since the 1980s? 

The network is facing harsh backlash for continuing to use tape delays  in its coverage of the games, starting with the opening ceremonies and extending to some of the most anticipated match ups of the games (Michael Phelps/Chad Le Clos for a start). Network honchos have blamed everything from women’s viewing habits (seriously) to wanting to create ‘packages of content’ for easier digestion. Whatever the reason,  NBC has not significantly changed the way it has delivered its Olympic coverage in over 30 years. 

Which brings us to recruiting in the digital age. In an era where kindergarteners are learning to keyboard vs. learning cursive, where 20-somethings would rather Snapchat than, you know, actually chat, and where a slow wifi connection is an automatic 2 star Yelp review, most companies are still sifting through résumés, playing phone tag with candidates, and sending emails back and forth between HR and hiring managers. Businesses spend a lot of time filling open positions by trying to connect with today’s candidates using processes from yesteryear. If this sounds like your company, it’s time for a recruiting makeover.

Streamline your recruiting process by using 21st century methods to connect to jobseekers – that means the web, email, and text. Not only will you cut down on the time it takes to hire new employees, you will vastly improve your efficiency, since you’re not scanning through piles of résumés and talking to candidates on the phone 24/7. 

Don’t let your recruiting efforts lag, while your competitors land the employees you need, because of an outdated recruiting process. Modernize your approach with the right tools so you can land top talent, the ones who will make a difference for your business.

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