3 Types Of Employees That Managers Love

What can you learn from that guy at work who always seems to get the plum assignments, or your co-worker who gets asked her opinion in every staff meeting? Plenty. There are certain types of employees who make a great impression on everyone, from subordinates to peers to executives. Here are three of them.

1. The Go-Getter. This person makes things happen, no matter what obstacles are in the way. When there is a line of disgruntled customers impatiently waiting to check out, go-getters are the ones who get the line moving with gusto and lots of positive interaction. Go-getters, as the name implies, are highly motivated individuals who typically use deadlines and to-do lists to stay motivated and on target. They understand that every day gets them a little closer to their goals, so they typically show up to work even if their peers are skipping a day.

2. The Considerate One. On the opposite end of the personality spectrum, considerate employees are often described as Type B personalities (vs. the clear Type A go-getter). But here’s why they stand out: considerate people are easygoing and adapt to change almost effortlessly. This enables them to work in fast-paced environments such as restaurants and the hospitality industry without becoming overly stressed or frazzled. Considerate personalities also tend to be creative, which helps them come up with unique solutions to problems they encounter in the workplace.

3. The Vocal One. We all know one of these. They tend to speak their mind, oftentimes without thinking. The benefit of vocal employees is that he or she will almost always voice their concerns to management, even when peers may be too intimidated to do so. This can lead to fewer decision-making errors by management, and fewer mistakes made by fellow employees.

Take a look around your workplace tomorrow and see if you can spot any of these types. Don’t feel the need to compete and put any feelings of resentment aside – just take some tips away from how they interact and what sets them apart. Stay motivated at work and show up on time and ready to go. Think about a creative way to fix an issue that everyone complains about. And don’t be afraid to speak up, in a positive and constructive way, if things aren’t going right.

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