Here Are The Qualities Hiring Managers Look For In Candidates

As the job market tightens, hiring managers are starting to focus less on experience and skill when assessing candidates. Instead, they’re looking at things like fit, communication style, and drive – traits that are harder to quantify but critical when building great teams. Here are a few qualities that companies consistently look for in new hires.

Plays well with others

Employees that function as a unit are much more efficient than those who cannot effectively communicate with each other. Interviewers are looking for candidates who are reliable, able to communicate effectively, and actively participate in brainstorming sessions.

Gets the job done

Hiring managers are also itching to get their hands on go-getters. They don’t have the time or the desire to micromanage

Stands out by fitting in

Culture fit is another critical component that hiring teams are focused on. Alignment between the values and mission of the company, and the motivations of staff members who carry out that mission every day, is a major reason why successful companies thrive.

Understanding the qualities that hiring managers look for most when evaluating candidates will help you position yourself as the right candidate. While you’re at it, learn some things to avoid doing before an interview will place you that much farther ahead of your competition.

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