3 Great Ways To Accelerate The Hiring Process

In today’s fast-paced business world, hiring managers need to speed up the recruiting process in order to get the best talent. Candidates tend to make decisions in the blink of an eye, causing the top talent to disappear fast. This is especially true for ‘active’ jobseekers who are eager to get back into the workforce as soon as possible, which prompts them to jump on strong job offers as quickly as they are presented. Passive candidates have the luxury of waiting for just the right offer, but long hiring cycles are anathema to this group and they’ll drop out if things don’t move fast.

Here are 3 ways to speed up your hiring process and stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Update job descriptions for every position

    Don’t stop at revising job descriptions solely for open positions – go further by reviewing and updating all your job descriptions. You’ll eliminate a time consuming step in the hiring cycle and be ready regardless of the position that needs to be filled. Be systematic – start with key positions, the ones that are typically the hardest to fill, and work your way down. Take some time to really think through the characteristics and key success factors that are necessary to excel in the position and make sure they are captured in the job description.

  2. Don’t spend time interviewing the wrong people

    One of the most time-consuming tasks of hiring new employees is the first round interviews. Tracking down candidates, conducting the interview, and ranking applicants takes time – time that’s wasted if candidates are not a fit.  In order to streamline this step, be far more discerning regarding the candidates that you bring to the table. Although most companies follow a screening protocol that includes phone interviews, far too many hiring managers actually interview candidates in person that they were on the fence about after the phone interview. The key is to get as much information as possible about a candidate prior to scheduling face to face interviews.

  3. Think about next steps early

    When you think ahead, it will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the hiring process. A good example is the candidate’s list of references. Always ask candidates to provide it in the first interview if you feel like there is a good chance that the talent will be hired. If you ask for the reference list when offering the job, it will typically take the person a day or two to provide it. Add another few days to reach all of the references and, just like that, another week is wasted.

The key to success in hiring the best is to make the process expeditious and engaging. Top talent is always in demand so the quicker you can get to an offer, the greater the likelihood of landing the best talent for your organization.

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